Sunday, September 20, 2015

Late Stage Deafness: Status Update

Hello Friends!

A quick and long overdue update: I used to write music stuff on this blog, but now because of all the music stuff I write for Bucketlist Music Reviews  I don't have a ton of time to write anything else. If you were a fan of my previous ramblings on this blog, any new ramblings can be found on Bucketlist.

For the six or seven of you who listen to my radio show (thank you!) that is also called Late Stage Deafness, my plan is to start posting stuff about the show here. Maybe. We'll see. Regardless, please feed my ego and tune into the show at 8:00pm EST on Wednesday nights on Caper Radio.

So that's it! Hell of a blog post, I'd say. Now off to review a 7' split featuring a Turkish grindcore band and an Italian death metal outfit.


Jesse G.

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